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Everyday Low Prices | Free Shipping | Thousands of Amazing Sculptures & More

Bronze Garden Sculpture

Make your garden shine with a unique bronze garden sculpture! Add a little excitement to your outdoor space and turn your garden into an artistic masterpiece. Our bronze sculptures are crafted to perfection and perfect for high end residential, commercial, school, library and park settings.

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How Are Bronze Garden Sculptures Made?

Our unique, bronze outdoor sculptures capture exquisite details and are cast using the ancient “Lost Wax” process. This time-honored, labor-intensive process is considered the best way to reproduce an exact copy of an original sculpture. The process begins with an original sculpture created in clay by the artist. From this clay model, a foundry will typically section the sculpture into different segments for individual casting. Modern rubber compounds have replaced wax for capturing the intricate details during the molding process, but the casting technique has remained the same. Once the molds are completed, molten bronze is poured into them. After being removed from the molds, any individual segments are reheated, attached and finished by skilled artisans. The artisans then apply the desired patina finish while adding details and highlights to the surface through a technique called "chasing".


Do I Need To Clean My Bronze Garden Sculpture?

Our finely crafted bronze sculptures require minimal care and will last for generations. Like any item left in the elements, oxidation from sources such as pollution, bird droppings, tree sap or bug tar can build up on the surface. Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause oxidation, turning an unprotected surface to a green patina over time. You can either let your sculpture age gracefully to your preferred look, or you can do occasional maintenance to preserve the original finish. We recommend occasional, gentle cleaning to preserve the beautiful finish. There are some great products that can help you achieve this. A neutral, diluted soapy solution applied with a soft, clean wash cloth is great for occasional cleaning. After cleaning, a high-grade wax or clear coat lacquer spray can be applied for protection. Prior to any full cleaning, always test an inconspicuous area first.

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