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Hot Summer Savings Storewide | Free Shipping | Thousands of Amazing Sculptures & More

Sacajawea-Native American Indian Sculpture

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Masterfully detailed, Sacajawea is a creation of California sculptor Christopher Pardell. Originally sculpted in clay and cast in Los Angeles by the artisans at Starlite Originals. Combining old world elements with new age techniques. This stunning work of art is cast in beautiful bronze metal and mounted on a polished marble base.

  • Size: 21"W x 13"H x12"D
  • Artist: Christopher Pardell
  • Made of Bronze on Marble Base
  • Hand Crafted in the USA at Starlite Originals
  • Limited Edition of 350 Pieces
  • Normally Ships in 6-10 Weeks
Learn More About Starlite Originals & The Creation of This Sculpture

Height: 13 in, Width: 21 in, Depth: 12 in

Christopher A. Pardell is a world-renowned sculptor known for his exquisite realism. Despite having to set aside formal education and working as an apprentice sculpture mold maker, Pardell never lost his passion for sculpting, further honing his skills and carving a path to success. His work is inspired by renowned artists such as Russell, Remington, and Rodin, and he cites his family as his earliest influence.

As an apprentice to the Italian master artisans who ran the statuary, Christopher rapidly learned the skills that would enable him to excel as an artist and earn the stature that has come with his success. Christopher’s exceptional style and special talent have served to impress even the most discriminating collector.

Upon reflecting on what his art means to him, he states, “I try to express myself through sculpture. It’s all I’ve ever done. It’s all I know how to do.” Respected and admired by fellow artists, craftsmen and collectors of fine art, Pardell tells us that he will always do sculpture because it allows him to live. “Sculpture is very meditative and cleansing for my soul. In the concrete slab that lies by my studio I have engraved the phrase life is a performance artwork, make yours beautiful. That’s the principle I live by.”

How It's Made
Cast in Lost Wax Bronze

The lost wax bronze casting method is a labor intensive process which is considered to be the best for capturing the finest details of an artist's original sculpture. Typically, a wax replica of the original is made and then dipped in liquid ceramic in order to create a ceramic mold. Once cured, the ceramic shell is kiln-fired and as the shell bakes, the wax inside melts and is lost from the shell (thus the term lost wax). After the ceramic shell is removed from the heat, molten bronze metal is poured into it to create the final casting.

Once the casting has cooled, the outer ceramic layer is broken away, revealing the bronze sculpture inside. A patina may be applied to obtain the desired colorization. And finally, wax is applied to add protection to the lustrous patina.

There are other techniques and variations of the lost wax casting process, but they all involve the loss of the wax mold implied in the term 'lost wax'.
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